Queen’s Blade: The Duel, English Translations

Series 3: P017-P026, 223-369 (27/Apr/11)

Series 2: P007-P016, 111-222 (27/Apr/11)

Series 1: P001-P006, 001-110 (27/Apr/11)


04/Jul/12: All card smoothing complete and uploaded.

16/Apr/12: Rules, FAQ, spiral chaos patch back up.

04/Oct/11: Updated Sigui with her promo cards.

06/Sep/11: Updated Rebellion card translation with promo cards.

01/Sep/11: Updated Tarnyang’s cards with promos, updated FAQ.

22/Aug/11: Updated Mirim’s cards with promos.

13/Jul/11: Updated FAQ, released all Rebellion cards.

05/Jul/11: Updated Claudette, Tomoe, Elina and Leina with rebellion cards.

20/May/11: Released all Queen’s gate character cards.

03/May/11: Updated FAQ with rebellion questions.

27/Apr/11: Update translations and release Rebellion translation.

19/Apr/11: Text update to a few cards.

04/Mar/11: Updated Tomoe with alternate images for P002 & P013.

25/Feb/11: Released Queen’s Gate translations, updated Q&A.

15/Feb/11: Final update of series 1-6.

8/Feb/11: Updated series 5 translations and cards.

31/Jan/11: Updated series 4 translations and cards, updated rules.

18/Jan/11: Updated series 3 translations and cards.

16/Dec/10: Updated series 2 translations and cards.

10/Dec/10: Uploaded Cattleya’s cards.

19/Nov/10: Uploaded Anarista’s cards.

09/Nov/10: Updates to: Series 1 translation, Aldra, Leina, Tomoe, Risty, Ymir, Echidna, Nyx.  Uploaded Melpha’s cards.

04/Oct/10: Uploaded Shizuka’s cards and fixed Nowa’s cards.

27/Sep/10: Uploaded Nowa’s cards.

20/Sep/10: Uploaded Aldra’s cards (Still need a good scan of P027).

13/Sep/10: Updated Cards page with Q144 and Q145.

08/Sep/10: Updated Claudette and Echidna’s cards.

07/Sep/10: Updated Elina and Menace’s cards.

24/Aug/10: Uploaded Airi’s cards and updated Irma’s cards.

09/Aug/10: Updated Ymir’s cards.

03/Aug/10: Updated Nyx and Risty’s cards.

29/Jun/10: Completed Alleyne’s cards.

24/Jun/10: Updated Melona’s cards and added Nanael’s missing P014.

22/Jun/10: Updated Nanael’s cards.

14/Jun/10: Updated Tomoe’s cards.

07/Jun/10: Completed Leina’s cards.

20/May/10: Cards page uploaded, released series 1-6 translations.

29/Apr/10: Rules page uploaded.

07/Apr/10: Faq page uploaded, fixed Menace card colours.

06/Apr/10: Misprint page uploaded, fixed Echidna’s misprinted card.

23/Mar/10: Completed Melona’s cards.

03/Mar/10: Completed Irma’s cards.

02/Mar/10: Update Series 2 & 5 translations, updated Elina’s cards.

13/Feb/10: Completed English menu patch for Queen’s Blade: Spiral Chaos.

12/Feb/10: Completed Claudette’s cards and Series 4 translation update.

31/Jan/10: Completed Nanael’s cards.

23/Jan/10: Completed Ymir’s cards.

18/Jan/10: Updated Menace and Risty, rereleased Nyx.

17/Jan/10: Released Series 5 translation.

26/Dec/09: Completed Menace’s cards.

13/Dec/09: Completed Elina’s cards, updated Tomoe and Echidna.

05/Dec/09: Released Series 4 translation.

18/Nov/09: Completed Risty’s cards.

08/Nov/09: Updated: Tomoe, Echidna and Rules.  Removed Nyx.

02/Nov/09: Re-Released all card translations to match terms from rules.

01/Nov/09: Released rules translation from QB complete book.

30/Sep/09: Completed Tomoe’s cards, updated series 1 cards.

17/Sep/09: Completed Echidna’s cards.

28/Aug/09: Completed Nyx’s cards.

14/Aug/09: Completed Series 1 translations, fixed spelling mistakes in Series 2 & 3. 

24/Jul/09: Completed Series 2 translations.

02/Jul/09: Completed Series 3 translations.

Queen’s Blade: The Duel English Cards

Airi: Infernal Tempter (15/Feb/11)

P017, P026, P028, P029, P050, 223-247, 512-518, 581-584

Aldra: The Queen (15/Feb/11)

P022, P027, P034, P060, 366-369, 442-445, 493-511, 656-661

Alleyne: Fighting Master (19/Apr/11)

P021, P033, P037, P044, P049, P057, 362-365, 376-394, 519-522, 585-590

Cattleya: Weapon Merchant (19/Apr/11)

P008, P054, 129-146, 334-337, 536-541, 600-604

Claudette: Lord of Thundercloud (05/Jul/11)

P018, P038, P058, 248-269, 436-441, 605-608, QR107-108

Echidna: Veteran Mercenary (15/Feb/11)

P005, P040, P055, 075-092, 338-341, 373-375, 446-451, 614-617

Elina: Captain of the Royal Guard (05/Jul/11)

P007, P023, P041, P053, 111-128, 322-325, 430-435, 576-580, QR105-106

Irma: Assassin of Fang (15/Feb/11

P010, 167-184, 346-349, 452-457, 624-628

Leina: Exiled Warrior (05/Jul/11)

P001, P016, P051, 001-019, 314-317, 370-372, 416-422, 568-571, QR101-102

Melona: Protean Assassin (15/Feb/11)

P020, P039, 292-313, 465-471, 651-655

Melpha: Priestess of Gainos (19/Apr/11)

P012, 205-222, 358-361, 562-567, 647-650

Menace: Ancient Princess  (15/Feb/11)

P011, P015, P032, P042, P059, 185-204, 354-357, 555-561, 642-646

Nanael: Angel of Light (15/Feb/11)

P009, P014, P031, P047, 147-166, 342-345, 542-547, 618-623

Nowa: Forest Keeper (15/Feb/11)

P019, P056, 270-291, 458-464, 629-632

Nyx: Master of Flame (15/Feb/11)

P006, P046, 093-110, 350-353, 548-554, 638-641

Risty: Bandit of the Wilderness (19/Apr/11)

P003, 038-055, 326-329, 523-528, 591-594

Tomoe: Warrior Shrine Maiden (05/Jul/11)

P002, P013, P025, P052, 020-037, 318-321, 423-429, 572-575, QR103-104

Ymir: Iron Princess (19/Apr/11)

P004, P024, P030, P043, 056-074, 330-333, 529-535, 595-599


Queen’s Blade official site : Queen’s Blade official site.

Boardgamegeek : Forum and collection of QB information.

QB anime subs : English subs for the QB anime series.

QB Game Books : Most of the QB character books and their translations.

Queen’s Blade: The Duel Rules

Release 3 (31/Jan/11)

Shizuka: Master of the Kouma Clan (15/Feb/11)

P035, P045, 395-415, 633-637

Series 4: P027-P037, 370-471 (27/Apr/11)

Series 5: P038-P050, 472-567 (27/Apr/11)

Anarista: Scorpion of Amara (19/Apr/11)

P036, P048, 472-492, 609-613

Queen’s Blade: Spiral Chaos English Menu Patch

Complete menu patch (12/Feb/10)

Series 6: P051-P060, 568-661 (27/Apr/11)

Queen’s Gate: The Duel, English Translations

Series 1: PQG01-PQG09, QG001-QG113 (27/Apr/11)

Queen’s Blade: Q&A Translations


Queen’s Rebellion: The Duel, English Translations

Series 1: PQR01-PQR012, QR001-QR111 (06/Sep/11)

Queen’s Blade: The Duel English Cards

Alice & Dorothy (20/May/11)

PQG01, PQG03, PQG07, QG028-QG054, QG109-QG113

Ink (20/May/11)

PQG05, PQG09, QG082-QG108

Iroha (20/May/11)

PQG02, PQG06, QG001-QG027

Mai (20/May/11)

PQG04, PQG08, QG055-QG081

Queen’s Rebellion: The Duel English Cards

Annelotte & Mirim (22/Aug/11)

PQR02, 4, 7, 9, 12, QR001-QR020, QR046-QR050, QR109-QR110

Vante & Yuit (15/Jul/11)

PQR03, PQR08, QR021-QR025, QR026-QR045, QR111

Tarnyang & Sainyang (01/Sep/11)

PQR05, PQR10, QR051-QR070, QR071-QR075

Sigui & Lila (04/Oct/11)

PQR01, PQR06, PQR11, QR076-QR080, QR081-QR0100

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If anyone can get a scan of P061 it is the only card I haven’t completed.

If you are looking for extra cards send me an email (chad19@shaw.ca) I’ve got lots of extras I’m will to sell, unfortunately I don’t need many for trade just a few foils and P061 that aren’t in my collection.